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Use the search field to access over 30 years of production and environmental research in the form of annual reports, updates-proceedings, and posters.


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 Search tips

​Keyword search results will include a list of all pertinent Almond Board-funded research, including search values within the documents.

Using the * wildcard
You do not have to know the exact name of the entry to search for it. For instance, performing a search for the document named "parasi*" will return any content with, or documents named "parasite," "parasitism," "parasierola," etc. Partial matches are not returned for text searches unless you add an asterisk (*).

Refining Your Search
As indicated above, search results may be refined by selecting values from the drop down fields for Author, Report Type, Year, Project Number and Project Name.

Note: Search results must meet ALL selected field criteria. Therefore, you may need to clear individual fields by selecting the top blank entry in each of the drop down lists.

Types of Reports

(A) Annual Reports are full length reports which include objectives, interpretive summary, methods, results, and discussion of ABC-funded research projects.

(P) Posters  are used by researchers at the annual Almond Conference to visually explain ABC-funded research to a wide audience. Posters generally include images, tables, and graphs that support and explain research findings. Posters are available for 2010 – present.

(U) Updates (formerly known as Proceedings) are summaries of ABC-funded research projects. The most recent (2010 - present) include objectives, background, and discussion, along with where to find more information.